What does the cell phone or tablet repair estimate include?

The repair price estimate includes both replacement parts and labor for all of our cell phone and tablet repairs.

Can Dino's Phone Repair fix liquid damaged devices?

Dino's Phone Repair can repair phone liquid damage, phones with a cracked screen, phones that won’t charge, and a host of other issues.

Does the work that Dino's Phone Repair performs void the warranty on my device?

Yes; however, if the device has received any sort of physical or liquid damage then the manufacturer’s warranty is automatically void.

How long will the cell phone or tablet repair take?

Most cell phone and tablet repairs can be completed within one business day. However, we will occasionally have to order parts or software for the cell phone or tablet repair. In this situation your repair may take 3 to 5 days. In rare circumstances the cell phone or tablet repair may take longer.

What to do before you bring in your device?

We recommend you perform a device back-up, some repair require reset or can cause data loss, Dino's Phone Repair is not responsible for any loss,

What if I don't know what is wrong with my device?

At Dino's Phone Repair, that's not a problem! We offer free diagnostics on all repair requests. We will examine your device and run quick tests to pinpoint a cause for the issue you are facing. Once we complete the diagnostic, our tech will give you the diagnosis, what needs to be repaired/replaced and a cost for doing so. If at that point you do not wish to move forward, we will return your device - no questions asked. 

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