iPad Repair

iPad Repair - Cleburne, Brownwood, Granbury, WeatherfordAll of the repairs that we normally perform on phones can also be done on tablets and iPads! We can fix most issues on iPad models including iPad Pro, iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air 1, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 3, iPad Mini 1, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3 and others!

In addition to iPads, we also offer repairs on many other popular Android devices including most Samsung tablets and the Kindle Fire.

Before you give up and buy a new tablet consider having Dino’s Phone Repair fix your device! It does not cost anything to get an estimate and generally most repairs are a lot less expensive than a replacement!

Our extensive experience allows us to offer a wide array of high-quality repairs ranging from common iPhone and iPad screen repairs to Mac upgrades, heavy water damage repairs, data recovery and factory unlocking.

Most repairs can be done as you wait in our shops in Granbury | Weatherford | Brownwood | Cleburne and surrounding cities in North Texas, so feel free to stop by anytime during our operating hours. No appointments are needed!

If you have a broken iPad screen or even a water damage iPad we can fix it! Dino's Phone Repair technicians near you can repair your cracked screen, fix your jammed button, replace your dead battery, and more on your iPad. We use only the highest quality replacement parts, backed with the best warranty in the industry to get your device functioning and looking like new again. Our highly skilled technicians are up for any challenge or repair that you may need, and are here to help you regardless of how big or small the problem may be.

Areas Served

Damaged cell phone? We can fix it! Dino's Cell Phone Repair has stores conveniently located in Brownwood, Cleburne, Granbury, and Weatherford, Texas. We are proud to service customers from all over Parker County, Johnson County, Hood County, and Brown County, Texas. Call Dino's Cell Phone Repair when you crack your cell phone screen or damage a port or camera. All repairs carry a 60 day warranty for workmanship, if for any reason a covered repair does not perform as expected, bring it back!

Need Your Phone Repaired?

We know what it's like to have a cracked screen or a broken phone. Let us fix your broken Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus (Galaxy) Thinkpad (Computers) Samsung Galaxy A20e (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom (Galaxy) iPad Pro 12.9 (3rd Generation) (Tablets) Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 (Tablets) Apple Watch Series 1 42mm (Watches) LG G Pad 2 8.0 (Tablets) Galaxy Tab E 9.6 (Tablets) Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro (Galaxy) Playstation 4 (Game Consoles) Playstation (Game Consoles) Apple Watch Series 6 44mm (Watches) Apple iPhone 11 Pro (iPhone) Amazon Kindle Fire HD (Tablets) Galaxy Tab A 9.7 (Tablets) Chromebook (Computers) Samsung Galaxy A71 (Galaxy) Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 (Tablets) Samsung Galaxy S20 (Galaxy) iPad Pro 9.7 (Tablets) Nintendo Wii (Game Consoles) Samsung Galaxy A21 (Galaxy) Galaxy Tab A 7.0 T280 (Tablets) Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duos (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy S III (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy A8 (Galaxy) Apple Watch Series 5 40 mm (Watches) Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 (Tablets) Dell (Computers) LG V20 (Android) Samsung SM-G9298 (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos (Galaxy) Galaxy Tab Active (Tablets) Apple iPhone 12 Pro (iPhone) Motorola G8 Play (Android) Samsung Galaxy S5 (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy A90 5G (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 (Galaxy) LG G2 (Android) Smarty (Engine Tuners) Apple iPhone (iPhone) Samsung Galaxy Note 5 (Galaxy) LG G Pad 8.3 (Tablets) LG G8X ThinQ (Android) iPad Air 2 (Tablets) Motorola G8 (Android) LG G Pad 10.1 (Tablets) Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (Galaxy) iPad mini (Tablets) LG Aristo 4 (Android) Nintendo 3DS (Game Consoles) Samsung Galaxy A7 (Galaxy) Motorola Play (Android) LG G Pad F 8.0 (Tablets) Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) (Galaxy) Motorola Z Droid (Android) Samsung Galaxy A70 (Galaxy) Apple iPhone 5s (iPhone) iPad mini 2 (Tablets) Motorola Force Droid (Android) Apple iPhone 11 (iPhone) Apple iPhone 12 (iPhone) MacBook (Computers) Samsung Galaxy A9 (Galaxy) Apple Watch SE (Watches) iPad Pro 10.5 (Tablets) Samsung Galaxy S10e (Galaxy) iPad mini 5 (Tablets) LG G Pad 8.0 (Tablets) Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy S7 (Galaxy) LG V60 ThinQ (Android) LG Aristo 4 Plus (Android) LG Stylo 4 (Android) LG Vista (Tablets) Apple iPhone SE (iPhone) LG V30 (Android) Samsung Galaxy J2 (2017) (Galaxy) Asus (Computers) Samsung Galaxy A41 (Galaxy) Apple iPhone 6 (iPhone) Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (Galaxy) Motorola Z2 Play (Android) Samsung Galaxy A11 (Galaxy) LG G5 (Android) Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus (Galaxy) Playstation 5 (Game Consoles) Playstation 3 (Game Consoles) LG G Pad F 7.0 (Tablets) LG Stylo 3 (Android) LG K20 Plus (Android) Xbox (Game Consoles) Apple Watch Nike (Watches) Galaxy Tab A (Tablets) Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (Tablets) Samsung Galaxy A10 (Galaxy) Apple iPhone X (iPhone) LG Aristo 2 (Android) iPad 2 (Tablets) Apple iPhone 7 (iPhone) Samsung Galaxy A5 Duos (Galaxy) Galaxy Tab A 8.4 (Tablets) LG K30 (Android) iPad Pro 11 (2nd Generation) (Tablets) Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (Galaxy) LG G8 (Android) Samsung Galaxy A21s (Galaxy) Motorola G9 Play (Android) Amazon Kindle (Tablets) Samsung Galaxy A20s (Galaxy) Apple iPhone 7 Plus (iPhone) Motorola X4 (Android) Amazon Kindle Touch (Tablets) LG G7 (Android) iPad 4 (Tablets) Mac Pro (Computers) Motorola Z4 (Android) Galaxy Tab S 8.4 (Tablets) Apple iPhone 6s Plus (iPhone) Motorola XT1060 (Android) Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy A8 (Galaxy) LG G8S ThinQ (Android) Galaxy Tab A 8.0 T350 (Tablets) Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G (Galaxy) Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 (Tablets) iPad mini 3 (Tablets) LG G Pad II 8.0 Plus (Tablets) LG Stylo 6 (Android) Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Galaxy) Apple iPhone 3GS (iPhone) LG K50 (Android) iPad 3 (Tablets) Playstation 2 (Game Consoles) Apple Watch Series 4 40mm (Watches) Samsung Galaxy S8 Active (Galaxy) iPad 7th Generation (Tablets) Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (Galaxy) Motorola G8 Power (Android) Samsung Galaxy S10 (Galaxy) LG K10 (Android) LG G Pad X 8.0 (Tablets) Apple Watch Series 4 44mm (Watches) NES Classic (Game Consoles) Apple iPhone 5 (iPhone) Samsung Galaxy A5 (Galaxy) MacBook Air (Computers) iPad 8th Generation (Tablets) LG Stylo 5 (Android) Samsung Galaxy Note 20 (Galaxy) Motorola X Style (Android) Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G (Galaxy) Apple iPhone XS Max (iPhone) LG Aristo 2 Plus (Android) Apple iPhone 5c (iPhone) Xbox Series X (Game Consoles) Samsung Galaxy S9 (Galaxy) Motorola Z Play (Android) Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (Galaxy) LG K40 (Android) Xbox One S (Game Consoles) Galaxy Note 10.1 (Tablets) iPad 5th Generation (Tablets) Samsung Galaxy A10s (Galaxy) Apple iPhone 3G (iPhone) Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (Galaxy) Motorola G Stylus (Android) Samsung Galaxy S6 (Galaxy) iPad Pro 11 (Tablets) Samsung Galaxy Pocket (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy A40 (Galaxy) LG K8 (Android) Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (Galaxy) LG Stylo 3 Plus (Android) Galaxy Tab A 10.5 (Tablets) Samsung Galaxy C8 (Galaxy) MacBook Pro (Computers) Motorola Z4 Play (Android) Samsung Galaxy On Max (Galaxy) Apple iPhone 4 (iPhone) Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite (Galaxy) Apple Watch Series 2 42mm (Watches) Apple iPhone 8 Plus (iPhone) iPad Pro 12.9 (2nd Generation) (Tablets) Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus (Galaxy) Apple Watch Series 3 42mm (Watches) Apple Watch (Watches) iPad 6th Generation (Tablets) HP Pavilion (Computers) LG G3 (Android) Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 (Tablets) Samsung Galaxy S4 (Galaxy) Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max (iPhone) Samsung Rex 90 (Galaxy) Apple iPhone 4S (iPhone) LG Aristo 5 (Android) iPad Pro 12.9 (4th Generation) (Tablets) LG V50 ThinQ (Android) LG Aristo 3 (Android) Samsung Galaxy J7 Nxt (Galaxy) LG G4 (Android) Samsung Galaxy A30 (Galaxy) LG Velvet (Android) Samsung Galaxy A30s (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy A60 (Galaxy) Xbox 360 (Game Consoles) LG V35 ThinQ (Android) LG Stylo 2 (Android) Samsung Galaxy A80 (Galaxy) Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (Tablets) iPad Air 4 (Tablets) iPad mini 4 (Tablets) LG G Pad 7.0 (Tablets) iPad (Tablets) LG Stylo 2 Plus (Android) Xbox One X (Game Consoles) Samsung Galaxy A50s (Galaxy) Apple Watch Series 2 38mm (Watches) Apple iPhone 6 Plus (iPhone) Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 (Tablets) Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ (Galaxy) Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 (Tablets) Motorola X Pure (Android) LG V40 ThinQ (Android) Samsung Galaxy A50 (Galaxy) Nintendo Switch (Game Consoles) Samsung Galaxy A7 (2017) (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 (Galaxy) Apple Watch Series 1 38mm (Watches) LG K61 ThinQ (Android) Mac Mini (Computers) Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (Galaxy) Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (iPhone) LG K12 Plus (Android) Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy A20e (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5G (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy A90 (Galaxy) Motorola Z3 (Android) Samsung Galaxy Note Edge (Galaxy) LG V10 (Android) Raceme (Engine Tuners) iPad Air 3 (Tablets) Samsung Galaxy A20 (Galaxy) iMac (Computers) Amazon Kindle Fire (Tablets) Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy S8 (Galaxy) LG Aristo 3 Plus (Android) iPad Pro 12.9 (Tablets) Samsung Galaxy Alpha (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy A01 (Galaxy) BullyDog (Engine Tuners) Amazon Kindle 7 (Tablets) Motorola Z2 Force (Android) Nintendo (Game Consoles) Samsung Galaxy Z Flip (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy J5 Pro (Galaxy) Apple Watch Series 5 44mm (Watches) LG G6 (Android) Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus (Galaxy) Apple iPhone XS Max (iPhone) Apple Watch Series 3 38mm (Watches) Samsung Galaxy J7+ (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Galaxy) MM3 (Engine Tuners) LG G Pad X 8.3 (Tablets) Samsung Galaxy Z Fold (Galaxy) Apple iPhone 6s (iPhone) Galaxy Tab E 8.0 (Tablets) Apple iPhone 12 mini (iPhone) Xbox Series S (Game Consoles) H&S Mini Maxx (Engine Tuners) Apple iPhone SE (2020) (iPhone) Apple iPhone 8 (iPhone) iPad Air (Tablets) Motorola XT1096 (Android) Samsung Galaxy A51 (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy A71 5G (Galaxy) Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017) (Galaxy) HP Envy 360 (Computers) Lenovo (Computers) LG K51 (Android) Apple Watch Series 6 40mm (Watches) Galaxy Tab S8 10.5 (Tablets) today and get you back to texting, calling, keeping up with social media, watching videos, and more! We have locations in Granbury | Weatherford | Brownwood | and surrounding cities in North Texas.

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