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Broken Glass, Battery Replacement, Button Repair

Dino's iPhone RepairDino's Cell Phone Repair provides professional repairs on all iPhones at our locations in Granbury and Weatherford, Texas. All repairs carry a 60 day warranty for workmanship, if for any reason a covered repair does not perform as expected, bring it back! We will correct the issue.

iPhone Broken Glass or Screen Replacement
Dino's Cell Phone Repair specializes in dealing with broken glass surfaces on devices and replace the LCD if needed. We stock all replacement screens for all popular iOS products from Apple. This makes the process of replacing your broken iPhone screen quick and painless. Most screen replacements take about 30 minutes, call for current pricing info.

iPhone Battery Replacement
iPhone battery replacement is a common repair performed. Usually this is done while you wait so you can get in and out quickly. A worn out iPhone battery can be frustrating, we will get it replaced as soon as possible. We offer genuine batteries for iPhones, tablets and other smartphones.

iPhone Power Button Repair
If the power button quits working on your iPhone due to an impact or water damage, you need to get to Dino’s Phone Repair as soon as you can. This can be fixed in most cases. We have replacement buttons in stock. It is important that you correct this soon or you will certainly be left without phone service when the phone dies since you are no longer able to cycle the power button.

iPhone Headphone Jack Repair
Phone headphones jacks are a common repair for Dino’s Phone Repair, your headphones should fit comfortably into the audio jack and connect to the audio reliably. However, if for any reason this port becomes obstructed, bring the phone to us. Many times customers have actually made the situation worse by forcing the headphones into the jack or attempting to remove the obstruction.

iPhone Volume Button
Dino's Cell Phone Repair has replacement volume buttons in stock for most popular iPhones. Buttons are easily damaged and prone to excessive wear. However, they can be easily replaced so don’t live with buttons that do not work, bring your phone into one of our locations for a quick fix.

iPhone Microphone Repair
What did you say? Microphone failure on most iPhones is easily repaired right in our local facilities. In addition to fixing virtually any iPhone related failure, microphone repair services are available at competitive rates and quick turn around.
Ear Speaker Repair

iPhone Home Button Repair
If the iPhone home button quits working on your iPhone due to an impact or water damage, you need to get to Dino's Cell Phone Repair as soon as you can. This can be fixed in most cases. We have replacement buttons in stock and we are ready to correct this issue for you. It is important that you correct this soon or you will certainly be left without phone service when the phone can no longer be returned to the home screen.

iPhone Camera Replacement & Lens Repair
Damaged cameras can usually be fixed very economically at Dino's Cell Phone Repair. We can test your iPhone to determine if it is simply the lens or the entire camera that needs to be replaced which saves you money! We'll find the best possible method of repair and only replace the parts that are damaged in most cases.

iPhone Charge Port Repair
iPhones are especially prone to charge port damage, many times the tiny pins located in the charging port of the device are damaged and this can only be corrected by replacing the charging port. Replacing the iPhone charging port is much less expensive than replacing the phone in most cases. We can also test your charging cords to be sure that they are not the cause of your problem. Bring your iPhone and your charging cords in and one of our friendly technicians can get you charging again quickly.

iPhone Water Damage Repair
Trust us to de-moisturize your phone. You will find many home remedies online but if you want the best chance at getting your phone dried out and working, getting it to us quickly is key! Water damage repair should only be attempted by the professionals at Dino's Cell Phone Repair, we are trained to fix iPhone water damage. We can not save them all, but in many cases we are able to restore the phone to working condition.

iPhone Software Diagnostic
We understand software vulnerabilities and we have the tools to analyze your phone and identify any software issues that may make your iPhone slow or unusable. Bring your iPhone to Dino's Cell Phone Repair for a complete analysis, we can repair all popular iPhone software problems. In addition to iPhone software problems, we can address issues on iPads and other models as well. We can also advise you to help protect your phone next time you browse the Internet.

iPhone Unlock Service
Without a password, it is difficult to access your iPhone beyond the main lock screen. The only way to resolve this issue is to bring your phone to us, and we can help you with our iPhone unlock software. The iPhone unlock software can be used to access iPhone unlock services and get your phone working properly again.

In addition, we can unlock your phone so that it can be used on other networks. For instance, if you currently have an AT&T only iPhone and you would like to use it on the T-Mobile service, Dino's Cell Phone Repair can help! Call us for competitive pricing on this service and avoid replacing your phone just so you can switch carriers.

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